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Brand story

Like many great things, Utopia Hats was born out of a struggle. I was in one of my darkest times as I battled with depression. Amongst the pain I came to a humbling realisation… We are all on this crazy journey of life together, chasing peace & happiness. Every one of us is a spiritual being capable of boundless love & returning to our true self.
If even a few people could tap into this beautiful energy the world would become a better place. And so, Utopia Hats was born.

With the constant bombardment of luxurious lifestyles, it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out. Here at Utopia Hats we wanted to get back to basics and promote the things that make us feel human.

We wanted to position ourselves as more than just another hat brand. We are a lifestyle. A tight-knit community of passionate people that want to give back to the world.

We’re for the journey, not the destination. The journey towards inner peace.
If we can make our inner world match our outer world, we may just experience Utopia.

Join the Utopia family today.

Love & light,
Jack (Founder of Utopia Hats).

10% of sales go to mental health charities.